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Atelier Anne offers a wide range of book conservation services, from custom bookbinding to rare first edition conservation.
I will advise you on how to restore, repair, and maintain the integrity of your precious items.
Atelier Anne also creates custom leather journals and a variety of leather goods with laser engraving.
I am also thrilled to share my knowledge during private workshops designed to make you discover the beauty of bookbinding.

Leather Goods
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Anne is a French bookbinder and book restorer. She received a diploma in Bookbinding and Book conservation in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2004, she has worked as a bookbinder in France, Belgium, Germany and United States. During this time she completed many projects for local governments, universities, libraries, and for book lovers. She also loves working with leather and creating original journals and leather accessories.



Have a particular project you would like to create? Or do you want to participate in a workshop?
Contact Anne today and see what she can do for you.


Santa Cruz CA United States 95060

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